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Calfeutrage Élite specializes in caulking windows and doors. We repair the seals of all the openings in your home and we operate throughout Greater Montreal.

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Window caulking

Solve your air infiltration, water infiltration and insect problems by replacing your old dry or cracked caulk. We mainly use silicone sealants.

Fire seals

Calfeutrage Elite offers FIRE RESISTANT caulking services. Our qualified technicians apply fire seals according to industry standards. We are familiar with HILTI products.

Thermos windows

Extend the life of your doors and windows by changing your thermos.
Maintain the neat appearance of your home.
Maximize the market value of your property.

Caulking in winter

Despite the coldness of winter, we are able to respond to emergencies in order to seal any cracks in your caulking. The work balance can be completed later.

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Caulking is aging, that’s normal

With the weight of years, waterproof gaskets dry out, contract, crack and separate from walls and door and window frames.

These phenomenas are very often caused by:
– The chemical weakening of sealants already in place
– The movement caused by the expansion and drying out
of the materials that make up the structure of your home.

Calfeutrage Élite
– Specializes in commercial caulking.
– Developed experience in industrial caulking.
Recommended company by CAA Quebec

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  • Momo customer
    Value for money/friendliness/ cleanliness of the site when they left .. absolutely unrivalled. I met the company at the neck of an intervention for a security door. we sympathized and I committed to redo our caulking. Very good work, the joints are big and very full (Testimony from Google mybusiness)
    Locksmith Momo
  • Grégory Brasseur
    Remarkable service. Detailed submission and good price. Hardworking, courteous and serious. I highly recommend. (Testimony from Google mybusiness)
    Grégory Brasseur
  • Anick Lamothe

    Impeccable service and remarkable kindness. Work very well done. I highly recommend this company, it is rare to get a service of this caliber!
    (Testimony from Google mybusiness)
    Anick Lamothe
  • Exceptional service all the way! I highly recommend this company for your caulking work, they have been very professional and available to answer all our questions. (Testimony from Google mybusiness)
    Mélina Daoust

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